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The Secret to Determining Your Wedding Budget

To celebrate marriage is to celebrate a pact of undying, unconditional love. And, it’s indeed sheer bliss to celebrate both by enjoying the fun together with none other than yours and your partner’s most intimate circles! These are the people whom you are most comfortable with; who truly understand with what you’ve got; and, how you’re able treat them on your special occasion.

So, why would you be primarily bothered about budgeting constraints on your wedding day? Picking the right people, place, and party theme generally makes up whatyou are able to offer in the most affordable, yet, presentable and memorable way.The prevailing primordial rule hereon is to celebrate according to your means.

Thereis really no secret to determining your wedding budget, but it all boils downto your spending and saving ways based upon what you have already got— the contributions from families, colleagues, friends, and your own. Work out your wedding budget from there on, and determine how to spend wisely or lessen costs towards the planning of your approaching wedding.

Remember, a constrained budget does not necessarily have to be equated with constrained fun. It is all a matter of finding out for more creative ways to stretch up your budget to the utmost, without compromising the fun, elegance, and beauty of your biggest day. Here are a few guidelines to help you live within your projected wedding expenditures. 

Wedding Budget Spending and Saving Ideas

1. Keep a Shorter Guest List

As much as possible, consider celebrating the wedding ceremony in private, with only your intimate network of families and friends. Besides, immediate relatives and close friends are the ones who deeply care and understand you just as you also celebrate your moment of deep love with your partner.

Although the more is merrier, determine each guest if he/she really needs to mingle, party and interact with your closest of kin and circle of friends. Cutting down the guest list does not only save you mounting expenses, but also helps you avoid complications and troubles of entertaining lots of groups with diverse interests, which don’t belong in such a solemn event in the firstplace.

2. Hold the Event during Off-Season 

Economically speaking, the law of supply and demand applies here. Prices go steeper with the existence of a huge volume of patrons, especially with certain dates of the year, specific party venues, and peak seasons.  Thus, holding the wedding ceremony and reception during the off-season saves you more while taking the same offerings as they were presented during peak seasons.

3. D-I-Y Flower Arrangements

Although the services of professional florists could really spell a great difference with their expertise, you can always tap the creative artist within yourself. You can either browse online or read magazines to initially help you out for flower arrangement techniques and designs. Doing it yourself is all about being inspired and putting your personal touch that could rival florists’ lovely arrangements. This budgeting idea turns out hefty savings, especially bagging big discounts upon buying from a flower wholesaler.

4. D-I-Y Wedding Favors / Order by the Bulk 

Doing it yourself is always fun and freely carries your signature preferences. You could create or design just about anything that allows you and your guests to reminisce through the years. You need not spend much on these things. There are a lot of affordable materials around, if not, recycled items to begin with on your wedding favor idea. 

Like flowers, wedding favors come cheaper if bought wholesale. There are several sites online where you can design personalized and fun creations for a wide array of give away items and purchase them by the bulk. It is simple as uploading a photo, writing down a romantic text, specifying your designs, and you’ll have something that your guests can take home satisfyingly.

5. Overhaul Outlook on Outfit 

Being obviously the main attraction of their wedding day, the couple wanted to be and look at their very best. However, looking good does not necessarily entail spending huge sums for the wedding attires. Wearing traditional gowns are more expensive than donning non-traditional outfits. But venturing with your options open leads you to wider choices, especially in prices.

Instead of buying or availing tailor-made outfits, there is always the cheaper option of borrowing from a relative or friend who wore something you really loved. You may even incorporate your own personal touches on the dress (i.e., laces, accents and embroidery) to make it look exclusively special on you.

Another option is to rent the outfits, especially those of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. Furthermore, there are several online dress shops, where used or old wedding dresses can be purchased at low prices; or, you may offer your customized dress in exchange of cash after the wedding takes place. 

6. Avail a Wedding Coordinator

It is a wrong and unfounded notion that availing the services of a wedding coordinator blows the wedding budget. In fact, their services save you huge amounts of time, money, effort and all the worries in planning your wedding. Foremost, they have arranged and cornered the biggest discounts, privileges, perks and incentives with their tie-ups and partner vendors. But, of course, beware when availing for a wedding planner. Consider factors of reliability, professionalism, trust, goodwill and ease of dealing with, in selecting for the services of one.

7. Weigh Options or Make Cost Comparisons 

Working within a budget enforces you to weigh the pros and cons, as well as finding out the more beneficial cost when comparing of certain options. In most cases, first impressions mislead, like settling for a decision with the perception that it always comes cheaper when choosing a church wedding in the province over a church in the city.

While the cost of living in the province is way below that in the city, a couple must take into consideration their current residency. It is indeed less expensive when a couple resides in the province and plans a wedding in the same place. Conversely, a couple actually racks up higher expenses when celebrating their wedding away from their place of residency. What are commonly hidden are the accommodation costs, additional logistics of moving wedding necessities, traveling expenses, and time constraints. In the end, it may not only offset the costs, but somehow overshoot the budget.

At often times, however, it is the unexpected items and unforeseen details that spoil and destroy your wedding budget. Prudent ideas sprout when the mind freely welcomes all options while dissecting thoroughly their nature and essence. Be aware to always stay on top of your wedding budget and make the most of it.