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Do I Have To Get Married In A Church?

What is foremost to remember about the Catholic’s perception of marriage is about its public solemnization of the church, which identifies the exclusive and lifetime agreement of a couple. Where the wedding vows are made public, the church community present in the event characterizes to support, witness, and confirm the marriage and married life of the couple. Therefore, the church in general, and the witnessing community in particular, are both greatly and responsibly involved in the sacrament of marriage. And, in a sacramental point of view, it is a mistaken notion that the universal concept of marriage is foremost the romantic affair of only the couple.

The Secret to Determining Your Wedding Budget

To celebrate marriage is to celebrate a pact of undying, unconditional love. And, it’s indeed sheer bliss to celebrate both by enjoying the fun together with none other than yours and your partner’s most intimate circles! These are the people whom you are most comfortable with; who truly understand with what you’ve got; and, how you’re able treat them on your special occasion.

The Church Procession

Who walks first, comes next and marches last? Who sits where? What are the appropriate orders and procedures along the processional, seating arrangements and recessional during a traditional Philippine church wedding? 

Church Requirements for Philippine Weddings

Before walking down the aisle and solemnly swearing, “I do”, a couple should be aware to say, “I did”, in fulfilling to secure and submit all the pertinentrequirements for marriage in this predominantly Catholic country, thePhilippines.